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How to Develop a Python Mobile App – A Complete Step By Step Guide

How to Develop a Python Mobile App – A Complete Step By Step Guide
26/09/2021 57

Mobile App Development is evolving with programming languages day by day. One of the popular languages is Python. Although we all know Python doesn't have mobile development capabilities, you can use packages such as Kivy, Pyqt, or toga to create mobile applications. These days most developers prefer to develop a python mobile app. Because the cross-platform feature makes it different from other programming languages, previously, people were not habitual of python mobile apps. Still, now you can interact with apps that are coded in Python.

As per the Sources, 8.2 million developers are using Python for web and app platforms. In 2018, Python gained 2 million new developers. Demand for Mobile applications developed in Python is still growing. Python attracts developers for creating apps with new ideas.

Before heading to how to develop a python mobile app, we must understand a few relatable points of Python, why Python is famous for mobile apps, why developers are choosing Python for app development, and many more.

How to Define Python?

Python is a high-level open-source programming language. It has an object-oriented approach to help write readable and accessible code. Basically, Python is a structured language that supports functional programming. This programming language also uses a garbage collector for memory management: Kivy and Beware framework used by Python. You can easily customize the features to Develop a python mobile app.

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According to the TIOBE index ranking, Python has placed the ranking on number 3 in August 2021. And the rating is 11.88%. Python is one of the well-built frameworks consisting of programming languages.

Python is popular among developers because of its quick performance, full compatibility with big data, and simple to use for beginners. It is best known for its syntax, allowing developers to save time by not writing additional code because they can express their ideas on this platform.

According to Statista, Python remains the most popular programming language in 2020, according to GitHub and Google Trends, surpassing longstanding Java and JavaScript in popularity. To determine popularity, GitHub compared which programming languages were being searched for the most in Google. Python held 29.9 percent of all tutorials searched for, while Java had 19.1 percent and JavaScript had 8.2 percent.

Why Choose Python for Mobile Application?

When people ask why Python is so prevalent in mobile and web applications, then the answer is its cross-platform features availability. There are various libraries that will be able to provide one codebase for different platforms. Here you can find the various reasons to choose python app development.

Easy Readability

Python is known for its easy-to-understand writing. Programming in Python offers readability to users and makes it easier for developers to understand. Code language contains the combined dynamic typing, so it's simple for a new one or skilled programmers.

High Functional Library

Python provides high functionality with shortcode writing. It contains a built-in modulus written in C that provides access to systems and tools that can be very helpful during development. It saves a lot of time and effort because of proper modules.

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Runtime Interpreter

Python adds code directly to the interpreter, and you can fix the issue at the rum time coding of any app. Quickly developers can execute your program without taking much.

Support Big Data

No doubt, big data is considered the booming industry these days. Developers are also recommending developing it with such trending programming language, Python. Python is an apt choice for big data, and it supports prototyping ideas that allow the code to run faster.

How to Develop a Python Mobile App - Step by Step Guide

Even Python didn't have a tremendous successful history in the Mobile App Development industry. Now Python improved the libraries to use code through various frameworks. Different libraries contain different kinds of functionality for your mobile app. To add high-level functionality with a single piece of code, you need to develop a python mobile app.

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Building a mobile app using Python has the most significant advantage of cross-platform. The cross-platform facilitates handling the app on any platform such as ios, Android, or any other. Developers are using mainly two frameworks - Kivy and Beeware. These two are open-source python frameworks.

Develop a Python Mobile App using Kivy Framework

Kivy Framework is a GUI (graphical user interface) supported and uses the custom user interface for the same functionality on all platforms. The functionality of kivy depends on how developers develop mobile apps with Python. It has one codebase for all platforms. It is one of the faster and easier frameworks than other python frameworks. Kivy will not adopt the native feature of any platform. This is the most significant advantage of using it.

Develop a Python Mobile App using Beeware Framework

Beeware framework makes the Python app development easier for the developers. It is a new framework, and the native UI toolkit makes it very understandable. You have to write code once and deploy it on any platform. Applications developed with this framework look so fresh and cool because of the base operating system.

Industries that have Great Features with Python

1. Social Networking Platform

The Python framework is an excellent idea for social networking sites. Because Python can handle a large number of data at a time, it improves the processor's working memory and many other things. Instagram is the top social networking site developed by python developers.

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2. Game Development

Most of the entrepreneurs are moving to the gaming industry to earn as much profit as they want. A powerful programming language can handle the functionality of game apps. That's why game developers choose Python for app development.

3. Blockchain Industry

When Python came into focus, it has become easier to develop blockchain apps for developers. People are considering it, so we can say that the future of the blockchain industry with Python can be significant.

4. Machine Learning

Machine learning and Python build programs quickly because python codes are quick understanding and understandable. Machine learning allows the operating system for intelligence decisions in any mobile application on any platform.

5. Applications Developed with Python

As Python is growing rapidly, various apps are getting popular in the market. People want to Develop Mobile Apps With Python and dive into the market of profit. Python makes the Back end powerful of your website. Let's have a look at the popular applications developed with Python.

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6. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the social networking sites for sharing photos and short videos. Generally, it is an American-based image-sharing website. The Django framework was used to create the Pinterest app or website version.

7. Instagram

It is one of the most popular social networking sites with an excellent user interface. Instagram proves the infinitive scalability of Python and allows users to create great content with exciting filters. A large number of users are connected to it, and it is still growing day by day.

8. Reddit

Reddit has a lot of communities where people can share their thoughts according to their interests, whether its content, image or video. Python's code library makes Reddit a more comprehensive application than usual.

9. Disqus

Disqus apps generally engage the audience in discussions via comment sections. With the help of Python, it can enhance the security level.

10. Uber

Uber is able to handle a large amount of data because of the programming language, i.e. Python. Uber is a highly appreciated app developed by python developers. You can also find the food delivery option in the Uber app.

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11. Dropbox

Dropbox collectively stores a large amount of information and documents provided by the business. It is a portable mobile app that supports multiple platforms.

12. Spotify

Python is the primary language in developing behind Spotify development. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS. Spotify has become the largest platform for audio streaming and media. Data Analysis and speed can be easily handled by Spotify because of the python programming language.

Hire Dedicated Python Developers

These days mostly entrepreneurs are recommending Python Developers. Obviously, Python has taken over many programming languages in the mobile application Industry. Python is also counted as the beginner-friendly programming language. You need to hire dedicated python developers who are proficient at utilizing python development strategies.

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OweBest Technologies with years of experience helps you provide dedicated Python developers. Our team of experts helps you develop the trendy solution considering the market trend and technology.

To Summerise

Python is a must-consider language while developing the application in today's world. It is used across the globe by many developers, and they rely on Python for their versatile suite of products and platforms. One can recommend the list of Applications Developed with Python. All we can say is that Python is the perfect capable language for Mobile App Development.

If you're planning to develop an app for your company and want a hands-on app built for today's competitive market, contact us at OweBest Technologies, and we'll help you create one of the best web or mobile-based applications. Visit our website and connect with expert developers who can develop mobile apps with Python.

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