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How to Create Your Own Barcode Scanning App Easily and Efficiently?

How to Create Your Own Barcode Scanning App Easily and Efficiently?
23/08/2021 57

We live in modern technology-driven society, and this society cannot function without barcodes. Scanning of codes is required throughout the process, from looking up the price of a specific item to paying with apps like Google Pay. In such times not having a barcode scanner app of your own can prove to be a risky move. On the other hand, the advantages of having a custom barcode app of your own have immense benefits for your business. May it be a barcode scanning app for iPhone or a barcode scanning app for android? Both are essential for your business in 2021. Now that you have entered the world of barcodes and scanning apps let's explore everything that will help you make a barcode scanner app.

According to scanova, Mobileiron conducted a survey across the UK and Europe to check the audience’s reliance on QR Coes. It reported that 86.66% of smartphone users had scanned a QR Code at least once in their lifetime. And 36.40 % scan at least one QR Code a week.

In addition to this, 46.81% of respondents agreed that QR codes make life easier in a touchless world. But that’s not where it ends. A good 38.99% of respondents want to see QR Codes used more broadly in the future.

What Is A Barcode?

Barcodes have grown in importance and application in the nearly 50 years since the first scan. A barcode is a pattern that can be read by machines and is used to identify products, packages, or parts. Businesses can use barcodes to store data for marketing and informational purposes, as well as to track products throughout their lifecycle. Barcodes are read using a particular reader or scanner that decodes the data in the codes using lights and lenses.

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The First Barcode

Barcodes are now available in various formats, ranging from a row of simple lines known as a 1D (one-dimensional) barcode to dots and squares known as a 2D (two-dimensional) code. Although barcode technology was patented in 1952, the first product—a package of Wrigley's gum—was not scanned until 1974 at a Marsh® supermarket in Ohio.

What Is A Barcode Scanner App?

A barcode scanner app is a simple tool that reads the barcode on the back of certain products. The information about the product, its location in the warehouse and its quantity is contained in that barcode. You'll notice that the barcode scanner app has a camera to capture the code as soon as you install it on your smartphone. The mobile app's camera will capture various types of codes. Following that, you will receive all of the information stored in the barcode directly on your mobile device. If you want, you can also send the information to any of your enterprise software solutions or management software!

The Benefits of A Barcode Scanner

With the pandemic, there has been a huge shift in the market. Now, Most people use online applications to make payments using the barcode scanners. Which guarantees social distance while making the whole process easy and efficient. Not just that, It has many other benefits which we have highlighted here in this blog to help you understand the importance of a barcode scanner.

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1. Avoids Human Errors

  • You can eliminate human errors like incorrect data encoding by using a barcode scanner. Instead, the employee will scan a barcode, and the work will be completed for them.
  • Most importantly, avoiding human error can help save money.
  • This is because clerical errors can be costly and damaging if data is encoded incorrectly. Barcode scanners are an excellent long-term investment and business safety net.

2. Saves Time in Business

  • Barcode scanners save a lot of time. Because of the workforce and number crunching, traditional inventory can take a long time. There will almost always be some errors that will take some time to correct.
  • Counting inventory, for example, can be much faster with barcodes and barcode scanners. You can scan the barcode, which contains all the information you need, instead of physically logging in and recording everything by hand.
  • This data is automatically entered into a computer, which saves you time and effort.
  • Barcode scanners can also make transactions go more quickly. Because cashiers do not have to record products manually, check-out times are much faster.

3. Save Money on Training Expense

  • Barcode scanners are easy to set up and use. The reason is they only require a simple driver and minimal programming, they can be installed quickly. It's also effortless to teach employees how to use barcode scanners.
  • Operating a hand-held barcode scanner takes only a few minutes. Employees are also not required to be familiar with the entire inventory or pricing procedure.
  • The best part is that you'll be able to save money on training costs!

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4. Reduces Paper Wastage

  • With barcode scanners, this is a significant benefit to consider. You can save the information digitally rather than acquiring resources such as paper.
  • You can virtually go paperless this way, and you won't have to spend extra money on unnecessary resources!
  • Reduced paper demand also lessens the social impact and climate change emissions.

According to Statista, A September 2020 survey found that 18.8 percent of consumers in the United States and the United Kingdom strongly agreed that they had noticed an increase in QR code use since the begin of COVID-19 related shelter-in-place orders in March 2020.

Increase of QR codes usage since shelter-in-place began according to consumers in the United States and the United Kingdom as of September 2020

Five Steps To Create Your Own Barcode Scanning Application With OweBest Technologies.

Let us quickly guide you through the development process now that you've decided to create a barcode scanning app. Working with a seasoned software engineering firm has its own set of advantages. These are the steps you need to follow to get the app of your dreams.

1. Share your ideas

You should consult an app development expert about your app ideas. If you have specific ideas, you can discuss them with our team during a meeting, or our experts can recommend the best concepts to make your barcode scanning app a market success.

2.Choose the Perfect Tech Stack

It's time to choose the best tech stack for your project now that you've analysed the main idea of your app development. Many technology trends can assist you in developing a barcode scanning app, but you should only use reliable and proven trends.

3. Select Important Features

Whether it's web app development or mobile app development, features are always crucial in digital solutions. As a leader in digital transformation strategies, we've compiled a list of some of the standout yet essential elements to consider when creating a barcode scanning app.

4. Hire App Developers

The next step in developing a barcode scanning app is to hire experienced and dependable developers. You now have two choices: hire freelancers or hire certified developers from a reputable software engineering firm. While both have their advantages, it is always good to hire developers from a reputable firm. That's because, unlike freelancers, an experienced and dependable firm will always provide you with the best-in-class and certified developers.

5. Testing

The final step in creating a perfect barcode scanning app is to test it thoroughly. Testing is always regarded as the most crucial step in app development because it uncovers all of the flaws and errors overlooked during the development process. Despite this, many marketers skip this step, and their app fails miserably in the market as a result. So, if you want to avoid such situations, testing is the only way to go.

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Cost Of Developing A Barcode Scanning App

You can estimate the cost of developing your barcode scanner app after going through all the points given below and making a list of your needs.

  • Your vision determines designers and developers' fees. Under the same umbrella, UI/UX design is also covered.
  • The features to be included, technology, and complexity all makes up the total cost of developing a mobile application.
  • The type of testing that developers will perform - manual or automated.
  • To finish your project on time and within budget, you'll need a Project Manager who can coordinate all of the development tasks.

In the end

To summarise, we can say that mobile apps have become a necessity in today's competitive era rather than a luxury. As evidenced by the facts listed above, almost everyone spends more time on their smartphones than anything else. As a result, only those businesses that invest in mobile app development solutions will thrive in this mobile era. Barcode scanning app development is another digital solution that people can use in a variety of industries.

However, if you approach OweBest Technologies for app development, then you can be sure of getting the best services at the best prices! Whether it is Android App Development or iPhone App Development, we have our expertise in all the arenas!

The time has arrived to develop a barcode scanner application of your own!

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