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How to Convert iOS App to Android App?

How to Convert iOS App to Android App?
13/09/2021 57

All the technical innovation that has developed globally is currently accessible in the palm of your hands through the mobile application. All you need is a versatile mobile app development to remain proficient in developing and allow you to reach your business goal. When the developer builds a mobile app, for example, the application is built in IoS, there are specific requirements to change it into an Android app.

Here comes the most significant technical exception for mobile app developers. In IoS, the devices have specific screen sizes, and the developers will, in general, pick distinctive bitmap sizes relying upon the decision of the application they want to build. The thing that matters is found in the variety of pixel densities. There are certain advantages of IoS apps. There are fewer fluctuations in screen measures as applications are delivered by one organization, which is the polar opposite of the Android operating system. Comparing both platforms, the demand for Android apps is generally higher because of the low cost and easy development.

The cycle of advantages and disadvantages might appear to be adequately essential. In any case, the functionalities of the Android apps will, in general, be focused on unexpectedly.

What Are The Reasons For Converting An iOS App To Android App?

iOS and Android both are popular among users. However, when it comes to choosing one, it becomes challenging. Before we dive deep into the reasons for converting an iOs App to an android app, let us understand the difference between these two platforms. It will help you acquire knowledge about market drifts and empower you to choose a suitable platform for your app development.

Difference Between iOS App & Android App

  • Its developers use the Xcode tool, which accurately supports every range of iOs devices.
  • Its developers use Android studio to do the coding as it has a wide range of development facilities.
  • The development of the iOs app relies on its architecture, formerly View controllers.
  • They are developed using partitions using 'activities', whereas every 'activity' contains fragments.
  • The development complexity is way higher than that of Android.
  • Here, Android loses its deal. The complexity is almost half compared to iOS.
  • The users of the iOS app have minimal permissions to do system settings.
  • The users of the Android app can customize the system settings easily.

These are some main reasons in a nutshell to which there is a need for the portability of the platform. Many users switch from iOS to Android because of the many above-mentioned reasons.

Numerous Features

Switching to the Android app leads to more feature access and allows to target a broader market. There are features such as push notification, widget selection that excite a user more. While on the other hand, iOS offers limited features as compared to Android. It is one of the many reasons that people switch from iOS to Android.

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Get High ROI

After the portability, You gain admittance to many new clients to ensure a high and quick profit from your speculations. You can quickly achieve your target and rate of interest. Not to forget the fact, the growth of Android developed by Google is its open-source platform that allows mobile phone manufacturers to use and adapt the operating system for their own devices.

Make A Handsome Amount Of Money

When you are running applications, you can benefit by adapting both to get high benefits. You can charge clients for in-app buys, downloads to get more money. With the world going digital, technology transformation is offering a new world of earring possibilities. Almost every individual above the age of 20 owns a smartphone while makes the horizon of earning from applications broader.

How to Convert An iPhone App to Android App?

After thinking about converting the iOS app to Android, you need to settle on a procedure. You can follow the below steps that can assist you with the mobile application development compactness.

1. Plan

Before initiating the portability, draft a proper architecture plan, design, functionalities, modules, and the cost. Preparing the blueprint is one of the main steps to get further clarity. Following the right strategy will give the best output of converting the platforms. It will demonstrate the bugs and errors if they occur later. The plan will also optimize the performance in better terms.

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2. Conversion Requirements

After creating a full-fledged plan, draft a conversion plan with your mobile app developer or project manager. Discuss all the minor to significant details with the developer and understand the challenges you might face, and be ready for it. As Android offers more flex UI, it will also improve your other non-functional requirements. The agility of the app would be leveraged while providing more scalability. The evolving apps would require substantial requirements with a migrating plan.

3. Implementation Of The Conversion

The implementation should be decided according to the technology as it plays the leading role. Pick the coding strategy that accommodates your financial plan and time allotments. The period additionally relies upon the sort of application you are making. In case there are components and plan changes for the Android UI, it might take longer.

4. Utilize Plugins To Improve Your Productivity

Using the android plugins would improve the speed of the development following the more straightforward syntax. The SDK, icons, images, and resolutions can be easily fixed using Android plugins. Verifying the technology and plugins would thereby navigate the style of implementation in a better possible way.

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5. Testing

You can use the Android emulator to test the application. The testers can undergo various application tests like quality, beta, monkey, and functionality and user-experience testing. The skilled testers would do the whole software testing after integrating the app from iOS to Android. Anything bug that comes in this phase can be fixed before launching the application to make it more reliable.

6. Manage The Conversion Project

To efficiently manage the conversion of the platform's project, you can use the scrum master technique that leads to cross-functional development work. When the mobile app developers are exposed to the project's product backlog, they can easily manage and estimate the requirements.

Challenges Faced In Converting The iOS App To Android.

To make the process easy and simplified here we have listed some of the challenges that do come while converting the application from iOS to Android.

Portability Of Coding

Converting the program written in one language to another is generally a critical task. Thus, the time and endeavors needed to assemble similar components for various stages might contrast. Android and iOS developers work in pairs to change applications with superior grades.

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Different Architecture

Android and iOS platforms are updated consistently. Along these lines, your application should always work on the most famous variants of the working framework. Simply pick the operating system forms you need to target, and the mobile app developers will deal with the rest.

Different Libraries And Frameworks

Utilizing other libraries can ease setting application rules, adding designs, layouts, correspondence conventions, and more. Nonetheless, when you convert iOS to android applications, it is essential to recognize the structures that help both working frameworks and simplify replication of functionalities.

Change In Resolution

Every mobile has novel screen sizes, and iOS devices have certain proper screen boundaries while Android telephones are usually changed. So guarantee there exists support for an assortment of screen sizes. The developers can choose a standard angle proportion for creating visual resources for converting the platforms.

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Cost To Convert An Ios App To Android App

The cost of converting the platforms relies on the services and features you use in your project. When you hire a dedicated iOS developer, they quickly understand all the development fundamentals such as Swift/Java, SDKs of iOS, and APIs. Therefore, they are efficient enough to convert the app, and the conversion cost is minimal. However, the development takes place in the mac platform so that the price may increase.

Android is open-source, which is significant for application conversion. You can use programs, yet none of the current projects is equipped for finishing porting iOS code to Android. When you hire dedicated android developers, the Progressions in code transformation are being made with the J2ObjC. It will empower you to utilize Android code for iOS through code interpretation.

In the End

Porting an iOS Application to Android requires critical key arrangement and planning. It requires an appropriate, arranged way to make an answer practically indistinguishable from its past adaptation and no less effort in usefulness, openness, and execution. It requires capability and specialized abilities across both portable operating system stages. It can only be possible if you have an expert mobile app developer.

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Things being what they are, how would you make the change over measure straightforward and quick? OweBest Technologies helps you hire dedicated iOS developers or Android developers who master app converting accomplices. They inherit vital adaptation of coding, the business rationale for the application, alongside programming and testing. With hands-on experience, they can help you make the whole process easy while completing the project on time.

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