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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a React Native Mobile App?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a React Native Mobile App?
03/06/2020 57

With time, the technology space has evolved a lot. Be it a start-up or extensive organization technology became a vital part of every business. Expanding a business via mobile phones has never been easy, and one such platform supporting businesses to grow is through React Native apps.

React Native apps not only provide flexibility to the operation but also can adapt a blend of traditional and modern methods to develop a hybrid mobile app. Many app developers do recommend to go with React Native, as this is one of the cost-effective platforms available in the market. Let's find out how the React Native app development companies are helping businesses to grow, how much does it cost, and what are the factors affecting the cost to build an app with React native.

What is React Native?

In simple language, React Native is a JavaScript framework that combines native developments with React technology, for developers to write real and native-embedded applications on iOS and Android.

This framework was launched by Facebook in 2015, focusing more on reducing the app development time and making technology more user-friendly for businesses to operate. It saves up to 90% for the company's time to build a React Native app.

React native, in fact, come in Top 10 most used frameworks for mobile application.

Why React Native App Development is an Entrepreneur's Preferred Choice?

Instagram, Facebook Ads Manager, Airbnb, are few of the many successful mobile apps which run on React Native framework. Let's have a look at the reasons why entrepreneurs prefer to build react native app.


Frameworks like Native app development, for example, the codes have to be written from scratch, which becomes very time-consuming and does costs more. On the other hand, React Native app development saves a lot of time and money by reusing the codes written.

Faster App Development Time

Another major factor giving React Native an edge is the development time. The development process of React Native is much easier and faster as compared to other frameworks which help businesses to launch their mobile apps in the least possible time. This factor happens to be the main reason why many of the brands choose to create a React Native app.

Less Team Size

Mobile applications are built on two major platforms, Android and iOS. A framework like the Native app is OS-specific, because of which it requires two separate teams, one for Android and one for iOS. It is where React Native becomes user-friendly both for the app developer, as well as, for the end-user.

Effortless Accessibility

React Native offers a cross-platform edge, making it accessible to third-party plugins and APIs for accessing the in-device features which smoothen the execution of the application.

What Factors Determine the Cost to Build React Native Mobile Application?

For any business looking to develop a mobile application, finding excellent app development services offering the best quality in a given budget is the first step. The following factors determine the cost of a mobile application developed via React Native framework:

User Authorization

As compared to other frameworks, React Native reduces the load of logins and authorizations. As the same codes can be reused, it eliminates the need for any logins or authorization. It does not only reduce the development time of the app, but it also reduces the cost of the same.

App Design

A way of getting more user-engagements is through the creative designing of the app. React Native gets an edge over other frameworks as it reduces the efforts of designers. Here only one application needs to be designed, and it will work on its own in other applications.

App Complexity

The cost of developing an app is directly proportional to the features and complexities involved in creating one; the more features, the more time and cost it will incur to develop the app. Complexity to create react native app is categorized into three categories:

  • Highly Complex: Features like usage of multiple sensors, custom animations, media processing, etc. are highly complex and do increases the development time, along with incurring more cost.
  • Moderately Complex: There are complex features which do take time, effort, and money like integrating real-time chat options, but are still affordable as compared to highly complex one.
  • Low Complex: This includes fundamental and straightforward features and does not take the time or do not cost much to develop an app. These are mainly standard templates and pre-defined designs that help improve the app much faster.


Add-ons are very significant in terms of deciding the valuation of application development. Few add-ons require integration with social media channels. So, features like this, add on the costing in the list, which also includes ways to implement in-application purchases.

App Category

What is the category of your application deciding the costing of same? For instance, a recruitment agency company and real estate consultant will have different interface challenges and features supporting different integration on the same. And well, of course, it cannot be as low as a calculator as less customization required on such portals.

Agency's location

Where do you wish to run and develop the application matters a lot? Depending on where you are hiring your developers from and which location they will be working on, your cost fluctuates a lot. For instance, a technical partner with developers in the United States will cost you higher than that of India.

Deployment of the application

Depending on the platform, where you wish to deploy or showcase your application also plays a role in the costing of development. Google Play, for instance, charge USD25 and AppStore charge USD100 for each application, depending further on the category. These charges also vary with the cost of hosting as well as security policies, which will be guided to you by the team of skilled professionals.

Support and Maintenance of the application

Just launching the application and thinking that the investment ends here is foolish. The application also hungers for updates and support for the user at each time. Maintenance and support of the application include updating interface, adding new features, fixing bugs, and so on. Who would wish to use an application which is outdated and does not support the latest versions of the operating system?

What Next?

Well, now, when you are aware of the factors that you must consider while developing react native application, you will need a technical solution partner. Just hiring developers on a freelance basis is not a definite choice as you will require the complete team from a project manager to the quality analyst who will deliver the dream application as per your expectation. Owebest technologies, being a successful react-native app development company, you can contact them to hire a sophisticated and skilled team of professionals.

They believe in committing to the passion for development while fulfilling each requirement of the client. Not only do they offer an affordable quotation to your application, but will also give you a reason to dream and think of more excellent ideas to transform them into a beautiful application.

A trusted technical partner is mandated before you switch to invest on the platform. You must be aware of the accountability of the team who is going to build the base and brick to what you plan to build. And thus, every brick must be based on the commitment and loyalty of your partner.

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