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How to Hire the Best On-demand Car Rental App Development Company

How to Hire the Best On-demand Car Rental App Development Company
28/11/2022 57

With technology upgrades, the thought of a car rental application or a rental car came into the picture. Until a few years ago, this was a hassle, but now with the on-demand car rental application, car rental booking has become quick and easy. Now, a few taps on your smartphone can let you rent a car whenever and wherever you like. Car rental apps are getting more and more popular, so more people are using them on their phones. Customers can use these apps to make bookings and get notifications about the car's make and model and their arrival status.

What is the Market Size of On-demand Car Rental Applications?

With a CAGR of 21.8%, the multi-billion dollar on-demand Car Rental business is expanding. Unsurprisingly, business owners who invest in creating software for online car rentals are seeing their businesses grow. The car rental market is vast and constantly expands to meet customer demand. Since commutes are common, many services have greatly benefited from them. Car rental app development is currently one of the largest sectors and is a part of the on-demand car rental industry. Apps for on-demand cars and car rentals are also being made by both big companies and small and medium-sized ones. Service providers are trying to meet the high demand for these apps by offering different services through their apps. Zoom's on-demand car rental app began in 2013 with just seven cars and has dramatically expanded its fleet to over 1800 cars. Reports state that the corporation will eventually add 6,000 more vehicles.

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Revenue Models of On-demand Car Rental App

For any business, revenue is one of the most vital things. They consider every aspect of the organization to generate more and more profit. Car rental service providers have seen massive growth in the last decade. Consumers of car rental services can rent cars at their convenience. Let's examine the sources of income for the car rental industry:

1. Car Fleet of Their Own

Many businesses starting on-demand car rentals follow this model. Here, one needs to invest significantly to own the various vehicles and operate them efficiently. The driver gets to keep the base fare paid by the consumer for the service. The drivers are paid either monthly or for each service they provide. One of the best-known applications, Hertz, uses this business model.

2. Commission-based

It differs slightly as compared to the car fleet revenue model. In a commission-based model, car owners get a platform through one of the car service apps and get paid for each booking. The car service app receives a portion of their earnings. Another alternative to this model is for car owners to hire a driver and hand over control of their vehicles to a driver who takes bookings and drives the vehicle around the city. An app that adheres to this concept is Turo.

What Are the Characteristics of a Car Rental Application?

1. Login

Like most other apps, these will direct the user to a landing page where they must log in using their credentials and all of their information as the first and primary step. Allowing users to sign up using their login information from their social media accounts is the ideal way to get in without wasting too much time. Users can register and log in using their email address, password, or mobile number.

2. Multiple Options

A user could have several needs and want to hire a vehicle that meets those criteria. As a result, the app provides users with many cars to choose from. They are given options and can also make decisions based on their preferences and financial constraints. Give people the option to book their trips and customize them by choosing where they want to be picked up and dropped off, what kind of car they want, how they want to pay, and the price plan.

3. Easy Booking

The booking system is the core of car rental apps. All users of car rental apps can manage their bookings by scheduling the time they want to drive the vehicle. This aids in preserving the openness and monitoring upcoming bookings. This feature gives users the confidence to use the service and allows them to make the decision to schedule the vehicle in advance.

4. Tracking

These apps give customers a sense of security because they can share their car information with friends and close ones, who can then follow their location in real time. Customers should be able to watch the assigned vehicle's location in real-time as well as check the driver details and the car’s status, such as "Arrived," "Trip Started," "Reached Destination," and so on, once they have confirmed the trip.

5. Figuring Out The Fare

A car rental app uses its calculation to determine the cost based on the vehicle selected and the total time the user will require while traveling. Users can estimate their prices based on the number of kilometers they need the vehicle for. Or one can get the idea for booking on the basis of the app’s features, about approximating cost based on the information you put in the app.

6. Online Transactions

Online payments have gotten more accessible with online wallets. Instead of paying with cash, one can make a prepaid booking using their credit or debit cards or any of the online wallets. Most car rental service applications accept online payments and give users booking receipts. These car rental apps offer customers a range of payment alternatives and gateways, including Internet banking, debit and credit cards, and mobile payment apps like Google Pay, Pay TM, and more.

7. Cancellation of a Booking

Due to any urgency or changes in the plan, the user may use the app to cancel a booking. It is one of the most essential features of a car rental service app. This feature creates a hassle-free experience for the user while allowing them to cancel the booking at any time from anywhere.

8. Notifications

After booking the cab, a notification is sent to the user's mobile along with car and time details. Even when the app isn't open, the notification feature is critical to keeping users informed of travel progress, discounts, referral programs, system changes, and other new information.

9. Rating and Feedback

Allow clients to review their rides and provide feedback or suggestions for enhancing rental services. A car rental app should also offer consumers ways to get in touch, such as an email address and a customer service phone number, so that if they have any complaints, they can call you and the issue gets resolved immediately.

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What Are The Various Car Rental Options Available For The Customers?

There are numerous car rental options available. Here we have highlighted some of the car rental options that are offered in the market;

  • Self Driving Rentals

    In this category, a user rents a car and drives it himself. He gets charged according to the car he chooses and the hours he has booked the car for.

  • Renting corporate vehicles

    In this category, special car rental services are offered to corporations. Using this service, people can make bookings for office purposes. Here, the employee can book rides for a single day or multiple days, and the cost of the trip is deducted from their company's account.

  • Outstation Car Services

    Post-pandemic, it has become one of the most loved options. Anyone going out of the city or state can book this outstation car service and enjoy the trip without any hassle at their convenience.

  • Local Car Rentals

    With this category, customers can rent cars for an hour, a half-day, or an entire day. Airport pickups and drop-offs are also included.

What is the Total Cost of Developing a Car Rental App?

The industry of mobile application development is unstable. The technology in this field is constantly changing. Therefore, providing an exact figure for the app's development is challenging. How much a car rental app will cost depends a lot on how it works, what features it offers, and its technical specifications. For instance, developing an eCommerce site like Amazon will undoubtedly cost you more than creating a small online store. The companies that offer car rentals have two options: they may recruit an on-demand developer from an on demand app development company to work for them or hire freelancers to work on an hourly and daily basis. A car rental app will cost you between $17,000 and $30,000. However, the app development price may increase if you intend to add technical specifications and more features.


The big companies in the auto industry, which used to put their phone numbers on banners and in ads, have also switched to apps. As a result, startups should consider having their automotive software or app created from the ground up. Additionally, it enables them to connect and communicate directly with their clients. To create an app most suited to the demands of the consumer, a firm must be confident in the app development company they choose to work with. The company should have some prior expertise in the industry. However, the company needs a basic understanding of the industry to construct the application. Investors who are willing to start a car rental business, need to understand the system's operation, including its advantages and disadvantages. The best option, however, is to work with a reputable and top-notch car rental app development company because it will increase their chances of having a successful car rental app.

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