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Golang vs Python in 2022: Which One To Choose For Your Business and Why?

Golang vs Python in 2022: Which One To Choose For Your Business and Why?
12/09/2022 57

With each passing day technology upgrades are revolutionizing the business industry. Choosing the best programming language considering the technological upgrade and ever-changing market trends can be a daunting task.

A programming language is the only way a programmer can communicate with the computer. Thus, it is a communication method between the programmer and the computer system. Programmers around the globe use various programming languages. No matter which platform you are developing software on, the programming language selection remains the most crucial factor in software development. The list of software developers' programming languages is quite long. The language selection entirely depends on the software a programmer develops. When you hire a developer from a python web development company, you will see that the most common languages they use are either Python or Golang.

Golang vs Python: Understanding the Two Languages

Selecting the correct programming language to develop software can be challenging. You will have to take a deep look into several aspects and see if it matches the needs of your project. However, if you are selecting between Python and Golang, this article is for you. Throughout the article, we will discuss and analyze these programming languages in detail so that you get to understand which suits your business better.

Golang- The Complete Guide

Golang is considered one of the fastest growing and popular programming languages software developers use. It is a programming language that Google has developed. The C language forms the base of Golang. The programming language has many features that make it popular among software developers. These features include; type inheritance, typing indicator, operator loading, etc. The lightning speed of the programming language is unmatchable. It is the best that you will get in the market. What makes Golang stand apart from all the programming languages is its framework, which is unique and one of a kind. The Golang programming language has a record of building several mobile and web applications.

Top Features of Golang

  • Extremely high debugging quality
  • The ability to execute the cross-platform application
  • Most suitable for Ethereum project developments
  • Easy compilation of codes

Pros and Cons of Golang

Every programming language has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Golang, although developed and maintained by Google, is not an exception to it. Here is a list of merits and demerits that Golang has:

The Pros:
  • Makes coding super easy
  • Has an in-built security system
  • Maintains a standard library
  • Consists of lightweight routines

However, while looking into the cons of Golang, you will find:

The Cons:
  • It has zero inheritance support
  • A limited number of libraries that can be used for working
  • Does not lend any support to OOP
  • Does not have a GUI library

Python- The Complete Guide

Python is one of the most preferred programming languages that software developers use around the globe. Most developers use Python to create robust development for the server side. Python as a programming language can be used for developing several other cognitive technologies. These technologies include; artificial intelligence, machine learning, and several more. The best thing about Python as a programming language is its easy learning nature and versatility. According to recent research, Python has held on to the first position for back-to-back two years in IEEE Spectrum. Python has a vast library collection that can help develop particular niches, including cognitive technologies (artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.), mobile applications, desktop applications, etc.

Some of the libraries that Python has are:
  • Pandas
  • Scikit
  • SciPy
  • NumPy

Features of Python

  • Although it is a high-level programming language, coding Python is relatively easy
  • Python codes somewhat look like simple English words and thus have an easy readability
  • It is an open-source platform that is free
  • It has a standard robust library
  • Python has an attractive portable nature
  • Procedure-oriented as well as object-oriented

Pros and Cons of Python

Like Golang and other programming languages, Python also has its own merits and demerits. Here is a list that you must look into:

The Pros:
  • You will find colossal availability and a viable option of open-source packages
  • Allows integration of enterprise applications
  • It has an extended community that will always be there, ready to help
  • It is beneficial for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

However, if you look into the demerits of Python, you will find that:

The Cons:
  • The speed of Python as a programming language is minimal
  • It cannot be suitably used for application development
  • Python cannot be typically used for memory-intensive tasks
  • It has a minimal design

Comparing Python and Golang

The comparison between the goodness of Golang and Python is an ever-debatable topic; to understand this, one needs to do an in-depth study. Python, as well as Golang, are potential and powerful programming languages. Therefore, if you are trying to draw out a comparison between two programming languages that are equally good and loved by the software developers, then the study and discussion will continue since these two languages give tough competition. Thus, to further understand Python and Golang and to know which would be more suitable for your Business, here is a list of parameters that you must look into:

Golang Vs Python: A Diverse Study

  1. Performance

When it comes to judging the parameters, then performance plays a crucial role. It is one parameter that affects user acceptance, scalability, growth, UX/UI, etc. An application that does not have the capability of delivering swift performance faces a lot of criticism and is often not liked by software developers in the market. An application that does not have a swift performance is often substituted with other applications used for the same reason. Golang is known for its quickness when it comes to application development. This is simply because Golang is a compiled programming language whereas Python is not. Python's level of performance is much lower compared to Golang. Therefore, when it comes to comparing the version of Golang and Python, Golang gets the trophy.

  1. Applications

Every programming language has been developed to serve specific purposes. Python is the best as well as a one-stop solution for developing cognitive technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. It is thus the best programming language for creating applications related to web development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, etc. On the other hand, when it comes to Golang, it is a programming language that is most suited for system programming, cluster and cloud computing, the development of various kinds of applications, etc. Thus, when it comes to application development, it is a win-win situation for both the programming languages, Golang as well as Python. They are the best in their respective fields.

  1. Implementation

Debugging is a step-by-step process for detecting various errors and bugs and fixing them. During this process, there are possibilities that there is an error or a bug left behind, which can hinder the implementation process. A project is said to be implemented and executed in the perfect way only when the performance of the task can happen without any glitch or hindrance. Python is a much more dynamic programming language for bug detection; it uses an interpreter to forward related information. When it comes to implementation and execution, Python, as well as Golang, is evaluated based on its ability for bug detection. On the contrary, Golang is statistically typed and uses a compiler to detect errors and bugs. For Golang, all the variables are precisely highlighted. It helps in finding all kinds of errors that can interrupt the implementation. Errors of minor importance are also highlighted. It ensures that there are not even the slightest issues during the implementation and execution process.

  1. Scalability

Parallelism and Concurrency are the two crucial elements of Python and Golang, respectively. However, if you specifically talk of scalability, then at any point in time, Golang walks away with the cake winning the ever-ongoing debate between Golang and Python. If you are looking forward to building a scalable application, then Golang is the ideal programming language. On the other hand, the main aim of Python is Parallelism, which divides the entire application into smaller parts. After the division is done, these parts can further offer scalability. However, this whole process is not at all preferred by the developers.

To conclude

Python, as well as Golang, are superb programming languages. However, a single programming language can't possess all the qualities. Each of these programming languages has its pros and cons. You will have to check these and understand which suits your project. Also, you need to understand what you would expect from your project. Once you know this, you can only determine which programming language suits your project better.

At Owebest, our developers will help you understand which programming language would suit your project. Our team of experts will help solve your confusion by finding out the best solution for you. We have dedicated python developers who can help you develop your project using the Python programming language. You can check out our details on our website.

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