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Key Factors to Consider While Hiring Android App Developers

Key Factors to Consider While Hiring Android App Developers
16/08/2022 57

Since its introduction, Android, the most popular and user-friendly operating system, has dominated the market. It has transformed the smartphone market in various ways, most notably by introducing numerous cutting-edge UI/UX modifications, privacy, and security features with yearly Android OS releases. Android has traditionally dominated the market for creating mobile applications. The market share for Android will increase to 87.4% by 2023. To put it another way, having an Android app will increase your customer base. By 2023, the total income from mobile apps worldwide would be expected to reach $936 billion. But not every app will succeed and bring in money. Because too many apps are available, they are pricey, and so on. Hire an android application developer who will enable you to build a popular app that stands out from the competition and makes a nice profit.

How Are Businesses Utilizing The Android Platform?

Utilizing the Android platform and hiring dedicated android developer companies may develop bespoke applications, customize the user experience, integrate third-party applications, distribute and advertise applications via various channels, create new revenue streams, and outperform the competition. The following are additional noteworthy advantages:

Reduced Time to Market and Simple Deployment

Android Application Programmers with development technologies make it possible to create Android applications quickly with straight third-party connectors. Businesses benefit from a shorter time to market launch and lower development costs as a result. They can better manage risk and governance, increase productivity, remain ahead of the competition, and keep up with market developments.

Assistance from Google

From Developer Help Resources, Google offers strong support for Android developers to address bug patches, enhance data protection, and resolve difficulties linked to your mobile app development projects, etc. It enables your developers to produce and deliver applications free of errors for end users.

High Scalability

With Android's flexible architecture, developers can create highly scalable and feature-rich apps for end consumers. Furthermore, Android apps can operate in various ways across various devices thanks to their compliance with cutting-edge technologies like AR/VR, IoT, and Cloud. By utilizing this capability, you can quickly and affordably create enterprise applications that provide clients with an easy-to-use interface.

Business-grade Security

Android's robust security system, your business applications are safe and secure against vulnerabilities, malware, and viruses. Usability, privacy, and security are all well-balanced in the end-user-focused Android OS for consumers, app developers, and companies. With Android, you can build more secure apps that let you encrypt data, spot unsafe situations, and give users a safe experience.

Simple Personalization

Android provides a wide range of functional possibilities that are highly flexible for enterprises to create mission-critical applications. Businesses that maintain their brand identity, business models, app development requirements, and everyday operations can create custom mobile apps. With a customized user interface, unique functionality, and quick, user-friendly changes using freely available Android, this enhances the client experience.

Factors To Consider While Hiring Android App Developers for Various Projects -

To increase productivity, businesses must locate and hire the perfect match for large, complicated, or long-term projects. Before adding a new member to your team, they must take essential factors into account.

1. Technical Requirements for Android App Developers

Building a mobile application requires a solid command of essential abilities and a basic understanding of the Android platform. It enables organizations to create their desired app with various user experience scenarios. The following is a summary of the essential technical abilities for Android developers:

2. Programming Language Proficiency

To create Android applications, developers must be conversant in either Java or Kotlin, the two official Android development languages. They must be familiar with language grammar and structure and use Java's JDK documentation and other basic object-oriented and looping principles.

3. Knowledge of the Android SDK Concepts

Android app developers should be skilled in integrating their apps with third-party resources and hastening project development using a pre-packaged SDK set (Software Development Kit). They should be familiar with a few more ideas, including action bars, user input, screen adjustability, data transport, etc.

4. Knowledgeable About Development Tools

Any developer must be familiar with the full-featured integrated development environment (IDE) for Google'sGoogle's OS, such as Android Studio or IntelliJ IDEA. All programming languages are supported by Android Studio, which makes it simpler for developers to produce error-free code more quickly.

5. Familiarity with Code Versioning tools

App developers need tools like Git, Github, and Bitbucket because they enable them to store the source code for each project. Developers can view the history of the code to see what has been done, what has been changed, which version is the most recent, etc. Additionally, these tools make it simple for team members engaged in the same project to collaborate.

6. Android Material Design

The Android Material Design guidelines, which encompass fundamental UI/UX principles, crucial designing components, interface rules, and best practices to consider when developing highly intuitive applications, should be followed by every Android app. Because of this, Android app developers need to have a basic knowledge of the Material Design element.

7. Essential Tools Used by Developers to Create Android Apps

Many different tools are utilized heavily in the development of Android. Android programmers must use the developers' toolkit and Android development kit to produce higher-quality applications at scale and speed. Thanks to these Android development tools, they can write code more quickly, handle workloads more effectively, and be more productive. With so many options on the market, choosing the finest app development tools for businesses can be difficult, especially if you want to start a new Android project in 2022.

8. Android Studio

Android Studio is the official IDE for creating all Android applications, and Google introduced it in 2003. It includes everything that increases the effectiveness of developers. It is open source, supported by Google, and has a sizable development community for Android. Therefore, it is the top choice for developers. Due to its rapid tools and practical features, it streamlines the entire Android app development process.

9. AVD Manager

AVD stands for Android Virtual Device, a configuration that defines multiple devices and their features such as screen sizes, versions, resolutions, etc. Using AVD, Android Emulator can install and run mobile apps. The AVD Manager is an interface a developer can launch from Android Studio to create and manage AVDs. You can launch AVD via Android Studio, Eclipse, or other IDEs by navigating to your SDK'sSDK's directory and executing android AVD. Developers can check the performance and responsiveness of Android apps using the AVD manager.

10. Google Play Debug Bridge (ADB)

ADB is a communication bridge with various devices, as its name suggests. It is one of the many adaptable tools that make communication between gadgets, programmes, and web services easier during development. It makes it easier to perform various device-related tasks, including managing applications, file sharing, screenshotting, video recording, and running several Shell commands simultaneously on the device. It is a piece of the Platform - Tools package for the Android SDK.

11. Android App Developer's Responsibilities and Roles

Android applications must be created by Android developers and optimized for various devices. Depending on the company and the project requirements, their tasks may change. However, they are responsible for designing, creating, testing, and submitting applications. You must complete the necessary tasks for your new project in 2022. The same list is provided below:

  • Create Android applications for several platforms, including mobile, online, wearable, and smart TVs.
  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to create, build, test, and release apps with fewer bugs.
  • Converting wireframes and prototypes into clear, high-quality code
  • To use and operate various APIs and database sources.
  • To run a unit test and find issues to create error-free apps.
  • To use and operate various APIs and database sources.
  • Assessing the performance of live apps and offering assistance to improve performance
  • To maintain the standards for app development and code quality
  • Using the newest tools and technology to enhance the UX/UI of apps

12. Hire Dedicated Android App Developers

Despite the enormous worldwide talent pool, it might be difficult for businesses to hire dedicated android developers for a new project or any ongoing, complicated, long-term project because it takes a lot of time and effort to find the right developer. The ideal cooperation between application developers and businesses is also essential to the success of an application. Therefore, organizations must consider crucial factors, including expertise, non-technical abilities, experience, etc.

To Conclude

As it needs careful planning, research, time, and efforts to study and verify specific aspects, technical hiring is one of the most challenging processes for firms to complete. You now understand how to locate and hire an android app developer to produce your Android applications. Although many app developers are available, it might be challenging to find and keep a quality one. To mitigate the risk we have carefully listed these points to help you find the suitable android developer who can help you expand your business in unimaginable ways.

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