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Top Enterprise Application Development Trends & Technologies 2023

Top Enterprise Application Development Trends & Technologies 2023
21/11/2022 57

With accelerating digital transformation, it has become imperative for enterprises to launch applications that best represent their business operations, services, and processes. However, looking back to the old technologies or choosing a random tech stack for developing the apps is not the solution. Customer demands have changed dynamically, and because of that, no enterprise will be able to get the best result from the software.

That is why it is necessary to know the latest trends and technologies that can level up the game and offer enterprises more leverage to launch the best app. Although adopting these new technologies can be a challenge for several companies, with proper training, awareness, staff augmentation, and workshops, the issue can be well mitigated.

According to Statista, in 2020, the global enterprise applications software market reached $241 billion, and by 2023, the size of this market is estimated to be worth $259.51 billion, with $98.03 billion of that in the mobile enterprise apps market.

Having said that, we have talked about some of the top trends and technologies used for enterprise application development in 2023. With this guide, no one has to worry about not getting good results from the application launched in terms of the enterprise's online visibility.

Top Technological Trends To Follow For Enterprise Application Development

Here we have highlighted some of the points to help you understand the recent trends to follow before starting the development of your application:

1. Infrastructure-as-Code

Managing the entire infrastructure for the enterprise is tricky, especially when there are multiple sections to work on simultaneously or the business has numerous branches spread across various countries. That's why most enterprise app development projects implement the concept of infrastructure as code. It is a DevOps protocol for integrating continuous integration and delivery with infrastructure applications like admin control, warehouse management systems, software for making invoices and bills, software for managing employees, and so on.

It has given a lot of leverage to various enterprises. Because of the human intervention in deploying infrastructure, app codes have been minimalized to almost negligible. Furthermore, it helps an enterprise software development company develop an innovative solution with almost zero glitches in the app when codes are delivered to the production environment.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

There is no second thought for these advanced, revolutionary technologies. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can quickly boost enterprise mobile app development projects. Machine learning is a method in which developers build codes and algorithms to train software embedded in a machine to evaluate input data more deeply based on real-time attributes. When machine learning collaborates with artificial intelligence, the software evaluates the input data based on human intelligence, like emotions, speech, natural words, etc.

That makes the software more capable of producing accurate and precise output results. There are several applications already in circulation that are based on artificial intelligence. For example, most management software systems are based on AI because they can understand how people feel and give the most accurate feedback or analytical reports. AI and machine learning can also help give users a great experience through enterprise mobile application development projects.

3. Progressive Web Apps

One of the best application development trends for enterprises is progressive web apps. These almost behave as native applications, as they are developed using JavaScript, which draws a bridge between the device's operating system and the HTML script uploaded to the browser. As a result of this, users can easily enjoy the native features of the OS without having to worry about device compatibility. Furthermore, PWAs can also consistently deliver excellent performance and do not have a lot of load time that might impact the user experience.

One of the significant advantages of using the progressive web app concept for mobile enterprise application development is that it can run offline, which is the most considerable leverage for developers. Apart from this, PWA ensures that the enterprise app works across multiple devices without depending on the main base LAN.

4. No-code Development

No code development is one of the best enterprise technology trends we followed. As the name suggests, there is almost zero code involvement in completing the entire enterprise app development. Instead, developers use an app builder platform where all the UI elements, templates, plug-ins, and extensions are preloaded in the SDK or built-in library of the app build platform. Professionals can process enterprise app development functions efficiently with no code development concept, especially for software that does not include too many complex features or that will be deployed in multiple forms in the production environment.

One of the significant advantages of the no-code development concept is that you do not need high-level, hardcore programmers. Any professional with no technical knowledge can use the app builder platform to complete the development of the application with maximum accuracy and zero flaws.

5. Cloud Computing

A top-notch enterprise application development company uses the concept of cloud computing. It is to implement more efficiency and high performance in enterprise software. With the help of the cloud, developers can easily use the protocol for software as a service, or SaaS, to deploy the software in the cloud environment and make it available for users from remote locations. Apart from this, the cloud offers an excellent level of security for the applications, ensuring all sensitive information is safe from hackers.

With the best enterprise mobile app development company, you can easily use the cloud infrastructure and all that it offers to create an innovative and intuitive application. The best part is that the cloud can quickly transform your enterprise for the future and assist you in adopting digital transformation without requiring significant infrastructure changes. However, you need to ensure that the mobile application development company you are hiring is knowledgeable about various aspects of the cloud so that you don't have to worry about finding glitches in the application once it is deployed on the server.

Finding the right company to incorporate enterprise application trends during the development phase is difficult. There are so many disruptive technologies, like artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine language, cloud computing, server-side web pages, and the metaverse. While selecting, you must be sure about the expertise of the company you are hiring. That's where Owebest comes into play. Owebest Technologies is known to be the best enterprise app development company.

This app development company has gained a lot of popularity over the years because of its excellent performance and how well it serves its customers. The professionals are highly trained and skilled enough to incorporate different enterprise software industry trends into your application and ensure you can offer the best customer experience.

Being confused about the work quality or deliverability of this new company offering mobile enterprise application development services is reasonably expected. But if you see their recent projects and go through the feedback provided by their previous clientele, you will get an idea of how excellent the firm is and can decide if it will suit your project requirements or not.

To Conclude

In this summary, we have shared the top enterprise technologies that are popular right now and are used to scale up enterprise-level apps. From artificial intelligence to Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), several technologies can be integrated with the app to ensure the user experience can improve further. Apart from this, the technologies allow developers to make the most innovative and user-friendly apps to help businesses keep as many customers as possible and get more people to visit their websites.

If you are looking for an advanced enterprise app development company, Owebest Technologies is the best one to opt for immediately. The company not only has a team of skilled and experienced professionals, but it also values technological discoveries. So, one won't have to worry about the performance of the enterprise applications once they are launched in real-time environments.


Q1. Why is artificial intelligence said to be one of the best technologies for enterprise app development?

A. Artificial intelligence trains the software for correct input evaluation and delivery of accurate and precise outputs. Besides, it can also understand human emotions and take actions based on the assessment, thereby heightening the customer experience. That is why AI is considered one of the best technologies for enterprise app development.

Q2. Why is JavaScript preferred for enterprise app development?

A. While choosing the tech stack, most developers prefer to include JavaScript as it can be used for frontend and backend development. Therefore, the professionals won't have to use two or more languages to develop the entire app. The only difference will be in the dev frameworks. For example, NodeJS is used for backend development, while React or AngularJS is meant for the front end.

Q3. Why is it essential for enterprise apps to integrate modern tech trends?

A. The world is advancing at a much faster rate than we can imagine. Therefore, if the enterprises do not incorporate the latest technologies within the applications, they won't be able to target the right audience and take the customer experience and satisfaction up by several levels.

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