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Discover the Estimated Cost to Develop A Fuel Delivery Application?

Discover the Estimated Cost to Develop A Fuel Delivery Application?
13/04/2022 57

The technology revolution has had a great impact on the world. The adoption of new technologies in different companies is changing the way people access services, and companies are discovering new ways to generate revenue and finding the solution that offers 100% return on your total investment has become possible now. On-demand solutions are now what people look for. The on-demand economy continues to grow from launching on-demand taxi booking services to grocery orders, online clothing purchases, and grocery orders. It allows companies to make great strides.

The economy will not settle quickly with the increasing need for on-demand services. Even before this pandemic, on-demand services were rapidly gaining in popularity, but pandemics have significantly boosted all types of on-demand services. Starting with companies in all industries needing to consider expanding into on-demand spaces, one such industry that has just entered on-demand space is Fuel Delivery App.

According to statistics, Sinopec (China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation) is the leading global oil and gas company by revenues generated. In its 2020 fiscal year, the Chinese state-owned enterprise generated 332.71 billion U.S. dollars in revenues. The year had been particularly difficult for many within the oil and gas sector, as the industry suffered from a significant reduction in fuel demand following mobility restrictions and local lockdowns imposed to stave off the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, revenues declined for all major market players.

Why Are On-Demand Fuel and Gas Delivery Popular?

The market is booming and offering utmost ease to its users giving accessibility to services they look for. On-demand fuel and gas delivery apps come with endless benefits to its users. A user friendly fuel delivery app can do wonders by offering benefits they know knew existed like;

Save Time and Effort

The days of having to go to a gas station and line up to fill a car tank or store spare fuel in a container are over. Today, fuel can be accessed anytime, anywhere with the help of on-demand gas supply services. The Fuel Delivery App is much faster than driving to a gas station and saves time.

High-Quality Assurance

The fuel available at each gas station is stored for a long time. It affects the quality of the fuel. On the other hand, on-demand fueling ensures high quality because the fuel is filtered and supplied frequently.


It is one of the most significant benefits of on-demand fueling services. The On-demand Fuel and Gas Delivery provides their users quality fuel anytime, anywhere. Just tap the smartphone to order fuel.

Less Maintenance

On-demand Fuel and Gas Delivery attracts more users and benefits those involved in the fuel business due to their low maintenance requirements. One doesn't have to comply with regulations with the on-demand fuel app. Thus, fuel company owners save a lot of money and increase their profits with little maintenance and investment.


On-demand oil & gas delivery can be used in case of emergencies. If a user accidentally runs out of gas, they can order fuel at the place they need it.

Payment opportunities

Mobile app development companies can put different payment options for the user. Not just credit card or cash payments, it also uses net-banking payment options.

Real-time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking is a vital feature in all On-Demand Applications. It helps the user to know the approximate time of fuel delivery. Users can get the contact number of the delivery person and track the person.

What Features Can Make the On-demand Fuel and Gas Delivery More Attractive?

On-Demand Fuel Delivery Apps must ensure to provide cost and features that can set them apart from their competitors. Following are some features that the company must include:

  • The location pin- In this feature, users can mark their vehicle's parking location. It allows the user to get fuel at their desired location.
  • Customization- Another feature that can make the app more attractive is customization. Users can customize their demands by selecting the time when they would want fuel delivered. Also, they can choose the quantity and type of fuel.
  • Feedback- Add rating systems that can improve the efficiency of the app.
  • Lower prices- Prices can be an attractive way to draw customers' attention to the app. The app should compare fuel prices between apps and traditional suppliers and sellers.
  • Availability Status- The driver needs to mention their availability status to know their delivery time.
  • Dashboard feature- The dashboard feature helps the drivers to know their deliveries and scheduled bookings. It allows the customers to see and track their delivery boy.
  • In-app Navigation- The app is incorporated with Google Maps that helps navigate the drivers.
  • Invoice Generation- The app generates invoices for customers to make their payments with this feature.

How Much Will it Cost to Develop a Fuel Delivery Application?

The cost of the fuel delivery app depends on different aspects. Mainly it depends on the platform you choose, size, complexity, and the region.

Some of the significant factors are as follows:

  • Features of the application
  • UI/UX experience
  • Location of application
  • Upgrades and modifications
  • Platform of app
  • Front and back-end development
  • Technologies
  • Testing tools
  • Cost of a mobile app development company

If a company selects to hire an app development company or hire software developers for fuel delivery app development, it would cost around $10,000 to $20000. This cost can vary according to location, additional features, or customized service.

How to Build an On-demand Fuel Delivery Mobile App?

There are a few steps involved to develop An On-demand Fuel and Gas Delivery App:

  • License and Ownership- To start an On-demand Fuel and Gas Delivery App, one needs to get approval & license from government authorities.
  • Geo-location enabled transportation system- Delivery trucks and vehicles delivering fuels at different locations need to be equipped with a GPS unit for Tracking. It helps in keeping track of the amount of fuel dispensed. It is essential for fuel delivery trucks to follow all the safety regulations.
  • Collaborate with Fuel Provider- Application developer companies need to get in touch with fuel providers. They need to collaborate with them for a fuel supply.
  • Develop an App Portal- The company needs to hire an app developer to add features and other characteristics to run the app smoothly. The delivery app must include different panels for customers, drivers, and admin.

What is The Process of The On-demand Fuel Delivery Mobile App?

Login and location

When a customer presses login in the app, the app automatically detects the location for fuel delivery. If the GPS is not turned on, the customer can also use manual input.

Determining the Need

After the location is detected, the customer can mention the type of fuel and the quantity they need. The app offers a range of different gas types.

Refueling the Vehicle

After the process, the customer waits for the delivery boy for the service. The payment is made after their tank is refilled.

These are the steps followed by the fuel delivery app to make sure end users get the utmost ease. The app makes the process very simple and convenient for users and allows businesses to expand their reach.

In the End

Online on-demand services in the digital era are a great way of reaching the audience. Developing an online on-demand fuel delivery app requires the right software development company, cost analysis, and other factors. By delivering excellent customer experience, on-demand fuel delivery services can impact the industry. The complex infrastructure of an on-demand fuel delivery needs an app development team to build a robust app.

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