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Augmented Reality - An Immersive Technology

Augmented Reality - An Immersive Technology
19/03/2020 57

Augmented reality in a simple language combines virtual reality with reality. It is a bit different than virtual reality. In augmented reality, digital touch is used to give a live view by using a camera on smartphones whereas Virtual reality drives you away from the physical world and shows a different reality.

AR is gradually becoming part of many industries like retail, marketing, education, etc for offering a better experience to the clients. The following elements are given below which underlines how it actually contributes to various fields.

Augmented reality for Marketing:

By allowing the brands to give a unique experience to their customers just by tapping on their mobile devices, augmented reality is coming to light. Since mobiles are significant media types through which consumers make purchasing decisions by interacting with brands.

Brands can use this technology for creating augmented cards and brochures, highlighting essential aspects and for giving more information.

Augmented reality for Training and Education:

It helps in grasping students’ attention by providing animated content in the classroom lessons. This not only engages them but also motivates them to study. Hence, this new technology is a faster and more effective way of learning for kids.

In this dynamic age, learners are of different kinds, education through augmented reality can aid visual learners by easily translating theoretical information into a real concept. It can also help in creating interactive 3D models, some museums are using AR for their visitors to understand history in a better and interesting way.

AR can cater to training needs as well, by helping trainers to understand steps and rules that could solve their queries and strengthen their working approach in the respective industry.

Augmented Reality for Real Estate:

Visiting each site with customers can be really time-consuming. Augmented reality helps in fortifying the land business by giving an opportunity to manufacturers and purchasers to sell and purchase properties.

Businesses can use various approaches to enhance their sale. For instance, they can use 3D presentations, customized plot tours, visual proposals, etc. By realistically looking at models it gives clients a clear vision to go ahead with the purchasing process.

Augmented Reality for Retail:

Augmented reality basically allows users to try products in their homes or on themselves to see how it looks before they buy it. AR allows users to interact with products in a better way. Not just users even merchants can also use AR to understand more about their clients by saving their preferences and using it for product suggestions for better marketing strategies.

AR can improve conversion rates and reduces the return for clothing stores, customizes shopping experiences and, enhances brand recognition.

Our Contribution:

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