Develop An App like Telegram - Key Features & Cost

Whether you are a user or a passionate startup firm, messaging applications have always been a popular choice among the smart generation. It was just after the Facebook announcement of acquiring WhatsApp when the demand for messaging applications was taken seriously by the startups as well. It was the third eye of innovation that caught the attention in the digital world.

In no time, a list of new and successful messaging applications was introduced in the digital era when many startups started exploring answers about how to build a messaging app. The expansion of business models of such applications was widely accepted by many innovators globally. After WhatsApp, applications like Telegram also witnessed the increase in their users and revenue too.

Telegram caught the attention of the users as it offered end-to-end encrypted message services. Not only did it serve the secure data service for the users, but the messaging services became a smarter yet simpler solution within a huge network. In no time, Telegram saw a huge surge of 8 million downloads as users switched from WhatsApp when Facebook acquired the brand.

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If you are browsing a similar business model to develop a messaging app like Telegram, the brand might have been an inspiration for many. However, before you start looking for a software development company to help you build a similar platform, let’s understand the key features of messaging applications.

What Are Must-Have Features of Messaging Application?

When you develop an instant messaging app like Telegram, the key features help in deciding as to what must be accommodated in your application that will benefit your user. With the ecosystem of the application, there are certain functions like login, text, group creation, notification, calls, and share, which must share the plate of features in the application.

Some of the specific features you must introduce in your application are:

Multi-Platform Availability

The application isn't just dynamic on Android and iOS, yet besides, Web. Thus, you can take the assistance of either an app advancement organization or take an iPhone improvement course, to begin with, the cycle of when you construct a Telegram clone app.

Start to finish Encryptions.

Telegram is one of those couples of messaging apps that utilization starts to finish encryption to shield the data shared on the platform.

Various Accounts

The app permits users to sign in from numerous records and utilize the application from various numbers, rather than confining their use on one number as if there should be an occurrence of WhatsApp messaging application.

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The telegram was one of the principal messaging platforms to incorporate the usefulness of chatbots inside the application. The bot helps users with various errands beginning from announcing the ongoing news to empowering in-app buys.

Cloud Storage

Messaging apps deal with cloud storage as one important of the features for Messenger App like Telegram. What's more, since cloud storage is known to be dynamic, it permits users to get to their information from anyplace once it is spared in the app, without requesting that they back-up their information. This cloud storage office additionally empowers them to follow their meetings and download documents any time they see fit.

Record Type and Size

The greatest information size that you can move inside the application is of 1.5 Gigabytes. The app, likewise, doesn't prevent users from sending over explicit document types. This makes the platform a go-to messaging app for individuals who utilize uncommon document types.

Different Groups Creation

There are two kinds of gatherings which you can make on telegram application:

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While the Features for Messenger App like Telegram comes bundled with, as of now makes a qualification between the renowned messaging app and its rivals, what genuinely separates it is the user experience that it offers to its partners.

How to Choose the Right Business Model?

Before you launch your chat app with a lot of highlights, it is fundamental to pick the correct plan of action for your app. As there is no utilization of building up an app that creates no benefit for your business. If we talk about the popularity of WhatsApp messaging applications, monthly active users reached 2000 million in March 2020.

So look at the manners in which you can gain from your chat app:

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This is what you have to remember to succeed before you decide on app development cost of messaging apps like Telegram.

How To Make Money With a Messaging Application?

When developing any application, every entrepreneur thinks of its revenue model. No matter what application you wish to develop, how you will make money from the same is the challenging model to decide.

If you wish to develop a messaging application, there are simply four applied ways for the monetization model. These models explain how to make money through messaging applications. They are:


One of the most popular models to earn money is to advertise third party brands on your application. If you have a million databases of loyal users, they usually trust the reliability and authenticity of the application. And if they find any advertisement on your application, they tend to click on the same, leaving impressions for the brand you are promoting. Brand, in exchange, sign an advertising panel on your application and, of course, pay for the same.

In-App Purchase

In a messaging application, you can offer multiple paid features to your users. For instance, gif with a user's photo is a popular choice these days. The messaging application can create a gif of your photo or else can offer exclusive stickers or gifs on monetary terms. Other than gif or stickers, you can avail different features for your users, and brand them 'exclusive' for paid members only.

In-App Money Transfer

This monetization model will require you to expand your messaging application business model. You can create the structure for your users that will help the user to send money to their friends and contacts in their messaging application. In the money transfer model, the fees of the transaction will be portioned to the application as your platform will perform the transfer between the users.


Just like money transfer model expansion, the gaming model where users can play with other users on the messaging application can really make the difference. Your users can enjoy the ability to play games within messaging applications by making payment. Or otherwise, ask for payment to play the next level of the game with other users.

How to Hire Experienced App Development Team?

If you wish that your app will develop and turn out to the user as easily as WhatsApp does, at that point you should cautiously build up its engineering, plan, and highlights.

Besides, as your user base will develop, the app ought to be fit for taking care of that huge progression of information. So you have to consider everything directly from the innovation, philosophy, and plausibility to coordinate new highlights to the app later on, which chose to employ a group of designers.

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An inadequately planned code accompanies the most reduced sticker price and may appear to be exceptionally enticing to pick. However, later it will cost you more and damage your image picture.

Along these lines, the master counsel is Hiring a Mobile App Development Team that has just dealt with such app improvement and can comprehend the requirements of customers, users, and the future market. So as opposed to looking to a great extent, it merits to hire an app development company that empowers you locally available the group of specialists from one spot. The colleagues could be:

The assessed cost of recruiting the specialists ordinarily begins from USD12 to USD50+, contingent on the area, aptitudes, and experience of the specialists. This will answer your query of How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Messaging App Like Telegram.

To Conclude

When the features are quite clear along with the entire process of Developing a Chat App, now you have to explore options of development companies to assist you.

Owebest Technologies is one such professional name worldwide that offers messaging app development solutions under the consolidated budget. All you will need is a plan of discussion and action that will help you serve your dream project of how to make app like telegram with exceptional reality.